(Ben_Leung@ci.sf.ca.us) - There were two excel files that you sent me.  I could not open the MuwekmaS... file.


(david@islaiscreek.org) - Resending the files.


(Ben_Leung@ci.sf.ca.us) -Also, I have not heard from anyone at SLUG regarding an estimate of the cost to restore the habitat and landscaping.



 (david@islaiscreek.org) - We have actually informed all concerned parties at both meetings, that is to say, the meeting at Pier 80 and my shop, and also by telephone, in person and by email.

The objective SLUG, the USDA,the EPA and the community have defined is to match the existing grants. Very simple! (please check your email records)


(Ben_Leung@ci.sf.ca.us) - A general comment on the Pipe Collapse File is that we were not expecting some of the charges particularly the admin time costs.

We take look at it with the Contractor and get back to yiou as quickly as we can, but please send me the other file if pertinent.



(david@islaiscreek.org) - Likewise we were not expecting that 8 years of community and educatinal work, nor 50 years of this habitat being untouched, would suddenly be eradicated in a few days. (http://www.islaiscreek.org/sewerpipecollapseatislais.html)


 How do you put a cost on a living process that took nearly 60 years or more to develop.


How do you put a cost on life and habitat?


Many community members were required to react to the numerous emergencies created by the pipe collapse orchestrated by Muni Duct Banks Drilling Project, and those community members are still working as we speak.


I am profoundly disturbed with your non-chalant reply to this billing, as well as  your dialogue in the past which has been many notches below inabstencia and clearly indicates a total disregard for the local community and environment.


Furthermore, your dialogue to date clearly indicates that Muni intends to minimize and trivialze all fiscal responbilities for destruction at the Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary at Islais Creek, which I personally interpret as a forecast for Muni's relationship with community and environment in Southern and Central Waterfront Communities.


Finally, as I have stated to Muni, community and subcontractors for Muni associated with the Duct Banks project, it is a shocking, moral and legal  disregard of integrity that your offices would suggest that Proven be the sole

fiscal  recipient of the costs of emergency pipe repairs, Sanctuary Restoration costs, and the attached invoices.


In light of the fact that the Duct Bank Drilling work was a collaboration involving numerous parties including PUC, DPW, Port of SF, Muni, subcontractors, community, and others, your resonse to this email and billing,here and  in the past are easily interpreted as a transparent admission of responsibilty for all isuues of damages and habitat restoration costs at hand.


That I certainly congratulate you for!