Muwekma Ohlone Pocket Park Project

Many, many years ago, there ran a pristine body of fresh water through large expanses of marshes in the southeast sector of present day San Francisco. This body of water ran almost 3 miles inland to Alemany Boulevard and was fed by numerous tributaries, springs and small creeks. This area was the home of a cornucopia of marine wildlife that fed the original human inhabitants- chiefly the Yelamu Ohlone Tribal group, one of the ancestral groups within the present-day Muwekma Ohlone Tribe's historic territory. This body of water is now known as Islais Creek.

Today on the north shore of Islais Creek a team of local residents ("Guerilla Gardeners") have cleaned, tilled, planted, irrigated and maintained a small open space, which has become a sanctuary for native plants, birds, and community. Grant funding will now enable the caretakers of the pocket park to undergo a master planning process for restoration and preservation. This community-based plan will celebrate the original history and peoples of the area, expand and preserve the resources of the park for the wider neighborhood and safeguard the area for future generations.

Location:: North shore of Islais Creek, adjacent to Pier 80, 1-acre land & 1.5 acre wetland

Brief History:: Small, spontaneous community gardeners have maintained this site for nearly seven years, with the support and permission of the Port of San Francisco.

Project Goals:: To assess, plan and initiate the preservation of this existing wildlife refuge for the benefit of our local environment and community.

Long Term Objectives::

Current Grant Awards:: Urban Resources Partnership (URP) $30,000

Pending Grant Awards:: CDBG Grant via SLUG (up to $60,000)

SF Bay Trails Project - grant writing in process

Major Partners and Supporters:: Muwekma Ohlone Tribe, Friends of Islais Creek, United States Department of Agriculture, California Academy of Sciences, SLUG, SF Neighborhood Parks Council, Golden Gate Audubon Society, Urban Resources Partnership, SF Bay View Newspaper, Renaissance Parents of Success, Keller Mitchell, SF Bay Trail Project, Espanola Jackson, Francisco Da Costa, Jim Salerno, RMC Lonestar, Jim Rodriquez, the local business community, and of course the park community gardeners and many others.

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