Budget Narrative for Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary


Personnel (Federal Share), $15,200


David Erickson, Project Facilitator, spends approximately ten to twelve hours per week overseeing all aspects of the Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary and its habitat restoration and educational activities, a total of 5,200-5,304 hours per year.  A stipend for David’s time and efforts would be $10,000.


A Program Coordinator will be hired at $20 per hour, five hours per week, for a total of $5,200.  The Program Coordinator will help to coordinate the efforts of community partners in restoration and educational programs, implementing the strategic plan developed last year.


Personnel (Non Federal Share), $21,000


As the Program Coordinator has not yet been hired to coordinate in-kind personnel hours, this estimate is based on previous in-kind commitments of $16,000(1600 hours manual labor per year at $10 per hour) plus $5,000 of personnel hours from new partnerships that have been explored and will be pursued, as described in the strategic plan.


Equipment (Federal Share), $13,000


A $5,000 microscope will be purchased for monitoring and educational purposes.  An irrigation system will be purchased and installed for $3,000.  Interpretive signage will be constructed and installed for $3,000.  A brochure about the Sanctuary and its restoration and educational programs will be published for $2,000.


Supplies (Federal Share), $5,000


It is difficult to anticipate exactly which supplies will be needed, as the intent of this project is to further develop community partnerships that will result in new restoration and educational programs.  Anticipated supplies include 20 sets of binoculars, two spotting scopes and tripods, field microscopes for children, work gloves, shovels, rakes, native plants, soil, garbage cans and plastic bags, and educational materials.


Supplies (Non Federal Share), $10,000


It is difficult to precisely determine this category as well.  This projection is based on previous commitments from community partners of soil, plants, and other landscaping and cleanup supplies.


Contractual (Federal Share), $35,000


A consultant will be hired for $10,000 to set up a scientifically legitimate biological monitoring and assessment plan that can be incorporated into the restoration and educational efforts.  A consultant will be hired to help with landscaping, possibly including the development of an ecologically sensitive boat landing for use by Save the Bay educational programs, to involve their Canoes in Slough students in restoration activities at the Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary.  One or two consultants will be hired for a total of $15,000 to design and develop interpretive signage and a brochure.


Other (Federal Share), $2,000


Administrative costs, such as phone calls, internet access, web page maintenance, and hosting meetings will total $2,000.


Total Direct Charges,          $101,200

            Federal                           70,200

            Non Federal                  31,000


Total Indirect Charges,       $0


Total Charges,                      $101,200

            Federal                           70,200

            Non Federal                  31,000