November 28, 2001



San Francisco Commissioners and Planners:


I am sending you the enclosed letter to include you in the controversy over the Port of San Francisco‚s proposed Illinois St. Bridge project.  The letter is part of a dialogue I have going with the President of the Port Commission, Kimberley Brandon.  The relevant details of the project and most of my concerns are outlined therein.


Since I first drafted the letter, the 3rd St. light rail construction already underway on our block has collapsed a sewer line, destroyed our park, and dumped millions of gallons of secondary sewer effluent into Islais Creek∑ on Thanksgiving day.  (Please read for full details).  The environmental ruin that I predict in my letter to the port has already reared an uglier head than I imagined.


As public officials, I am inviting you all to participate in defending the community over this.  Our businesses and the community on the 1800 block of Illinois are facing serious and aggressive threats from powerful business development concerns, and we need strong political leadership to back us.  Minimally, I am putting all of you on notice as being made aware of the disruption to our businesses and the further degradation of the Bayview-Hunter‚s Point environment.


I would like to get responses from each of you, in writing, regarding the bridge project and the details discussed in my letter, the collapse of the Muwekma-Ohlone park due to the Muni light rail project, and what you can do politically to help the community.





Nick Merz

Head of Industrial Design


1800 Illinois St.

San Francisco, CA  94124