(REVIEW DRAFT April 2, 2001)

The goal of Operation Islais Creek Destination Hub ("The Hub Project") is to create a popular destination point along the San Francisco Bay Trail in southeast San Francisco. This will be accomplished by developing, enhancing, stewarding, and uniting a group of public open space areas (the spokes of the hub) situated next to the Bay Trail along Islais Creek and promoting their value as both recreational and learning experiences. The existing industrialized land uses in the area have heavily impacted the presence of naturalistic and open space areas. The southeast sector of San Francisco, while heavily industrialized is also largely residential (mixed use), and is widely noted for having far less than its equitable share of public open spaces.

The existing Tulare Park and Islais Landing, the proposed Muwekma-Ohlone Wildlife Sanctuary (currently in the formal planning process), and nearby Heron's Head Park, Warm Water Cove, and Hanson Wetlands will each have a separate focus or theme (e.g., ecological, historical, cultural, educational, recreational) united by their proximity to one another and the Bay Trail, their ecosystem connectedness, and their contributions to the community's redevelopment and environmental improvement.

OPERATION ISLAIS CREEK DESTINATION HUB has four main components to improve the utilization and environmental condition of the Islais Creek area of the Bay Trail:

ΠPromote & Improve Recreation Opportunities

Several parks and open space areas along the Bay Trail and its spurs in the Islais Creek area will be united — directly where possible, or with appropriate directional and interpretive signage — in order to promote a larger destination point or "Hub" to serve the users of the Bay Trail and to enhance the community's naturalistic characteristics for recreation, study, cultural enhancement and beautification. Specifically, The Hub Project will 1) create an access point and spur trail at the Muwekma-Ohlone Wildlife Sanctuary; 2) expand and improve access points or access information for Islais Landing, Tulare Park and the Islais Creek Promenade; and 3) develop user amenities including a public restroom facility, drinking fountain, bike racks, lighting, and site maintenance and periodic security checks within the hub's immediate vicinity.

The Hub Project will create and install interpretive signage in the Islais Creek Bay Trail Area relating to the natural and cultural history of the area with emphasis on native and altered ecosystems and their associated flora and fauna; local Native American, maritime and industrial histories, and the relationships to the broader San Francisco Bay community of life, land use, history, and culture.

The Hub Project and its partners will expand existing local school and community organization outreach programs (Heron's Head docent programs, Adopt-A-Watershed, etc.) focused on environmental studies and stewardship that bring local school children to the Islais Creek Bay Trail Area and that provides the necessary guidance, resources and materials.

Ž Beautify, Conserve and Enhance the Landscape through Stewardship and Site Enhancement Projects

The Hub Project will instill a sense of community pride and stewardship through specific opportunities that attract people to become involved in the Hub's beautification, conservation, and restoration activities. These activities will include site appropriate landscaping improvements, ecosystem study and monitoring, habitat development, and artwork. One of our major contributing partners, the San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners, will begin work on implementing the master plan for the Muwekma-Ohlone Wildlife Sanctuary this June.

 Maintenance, Security, and Trail User Comfort

The Hub Project will make the Islais Creek Bay Trail Area cleaner, safer and more attractive to both community members and visiting trail users. Safety will be promoted by increasing lighting, signage and supervision of the area. Sanitation will be promoted by increasing the number of garbage receptacles, providing for regular maintenance and clean up of the area, and adding a public bathroom facilities where appropriate.