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Date: October 25, 2001


RE: Pre-Proposal for the State-Tribal-Local Government Wetlands Program Grants

Fiscal Year 2002


  1. Name and address of the organization requesting the grant: (See above)


  1. Name, telephone & fax numbers: (See above)


  1. Project Location: Central and Southern Waterfront Districts in San Francisco, CA


  1. Estimated Project Cost:  1.EPA Funding - $15,000   2.Matching - $15,000


  1. Estimated Project Period: September 2003 to September 2004


  1. Brief Projection Description: Master Planning Phase for the Design, Coordination and Implementation of a Wetland Monitoring and Mitigation Program for the Southern and Central Waterfront Districts of San Francisco

Note: These waterfront areas are under intensive industrial, commercial and housing     growth and development, which currently have no cohesive, coordinated wetlands or air quality monitoring and mitigation program. Also note that the current SEIR generated in conjunction with the Port of San Francisco Waterfront Land Use Plan is essentially an umbrella document, and a draft completed in late 1996.The current SEIR submitted to the San Francisco Planning Commission does not comprehensively identify or quantify the combined sources of current and anticipated development impacts to wetlands.( as well as air emissions and other impacts to environment)

Documents, examples and data will be provided upon request.




  1. Names of other government and non- government agencies in partnership:

Port of San Francisco, California Academy of Sciences, City of San Francisco, BCDC, Coast Guard, Army Corps Engineers, SFDPW, CBE, SLUG, SF Parks and Recreation, SF State University, Catellus Corporation, ARC Ecology, Muwekma Ohlone Tribe, Sierra Club of SF, PG&E, Department of Fish and Game , US Fish and Wildlife Service, EPA and local industry.


  1. Explain why this year’s grant funds are needed for your project:

The primary needs of funding for the Master Planning Phase are as follows:

    1. Wetlands and Environmental Regulation Consultant
    2. Wetlands Monitoring Expert to Draft Wetllands Monitoring Concept for Central and Southern Waterfront Districts of San Francisco
    3. Wetlands Mitigation Consultant
    4. Consultant for Evaluation of the current SEIR and related
    5. Project Coordinator
    6. Partnership Facilitator
    7. Personnel Costs
    8. Office and Printing Costs
    9. Partnership Meeting Costs
    10. Implement Data Base-( Internet based data is preferred)
    11. Miscellaneous casual labor and volunteers costs


  1. Describe how your project conforms with priorities of both California Watershed Management Initiative and the California Wetlands Conservation Policy.


Note: Although this question is intended for state and local agencies, it is important to note the goals of the California Wetlands Conservation Policy:


*  Ensure no overall net loss and achieve a long-term net gain   in the quantity,  quality,    and permanence of wetlands acreage and values in California in a manner that fosters creativity, stewardship and respect for private property.


*  Reduce procedural complexity in the administration of State and Federal wetlands conservation programs..


*  Encourage partnerships to make landowner incentive programs and cooperative planning efforts the Primary focus of wetlands conservation and restoration..








Central and Southern Waterfront Aerial Photo