For anyone not familiar with this environmental catastrophe at Islais Creek that has destroyed the Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary, read Kaye Griffin's excellent story posted at <> Her story will also be in this week's Bay View.


If any representative of any of these agencies (or others we haven't thought of) says something quotable, please phone or email it to me. We're hoping to compile official responses (or non-responses) in a sidebar to Kaye's story.


The project that caused this disaster appears to have been totally unnecessary: boring a tunnel for a duct bank under Islais Creek to carry backup electricity to the proposed Muni Third Street Light Rail Yard. In fact, it looks like a scam -- creating an excuse for never shutting down PG&E's Hunters Point power plant. If the yard needs backup power, why not run lines to the Potrero power plant and avoid crossing Islais Creek?


The agencies, especially Muni, need to be asked what notification and hearing process they conducted prior to beginning this project. Was there an EIR? Did they notify the community? Were any meetings or hearings held? Now that the project has turned into a disaster, will it be terminated, and will the community be consulted as a solution is sought?


Other questions: Who's responsible? Who will repair the damage and how? What about the danger to public health and the environment from the massive sewage release? How will people be notified and protected?


This thing stinks!!!


By shining a whole lot of light on it, hopefully we can show that the community will not rest until environmental justice is done.


So far as I know, there's been no coverage of the disaster by the major media. David says a reporter from the Chronicle, responding to his call, came out a few nights ago and interviewed people at the site -- but I've seen nothing in the paper.


Flash: I don't want to think the worst, but I just checked <> and <> -- and poof, no trace on the internet. I hope it's something simple, not sinister, and temporary. Since you won't, at least for the moment, be able to get Kaye's story there, I'm attaching it to this email. Be sure to look at the photos on David's website too. Incredible!


Let's fight the good fight. This is one we can win -- and educate ourselves and a lot of officials in the process.


Thanks to all who can help make the story as thorough and compelling as possible so we can get the word out to everyone in the community (via door to door delivery of the paper).



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