Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 08:53:00 -0800

From: Francisco Da Costa <>

Subject: Re: Agencies we need to contact ASAP tomorrow morning!! (Monday-26-Nov)

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As soon as we understood the magnitude of the disaster - we brought it to the attention of the San Francisco Port Authority and the Board of Supervisors. And that includes Sophie Maxwell with whom I spoke yesterday. The indymedia article has been sent to all the Supervisors and the S.F. Port Authority.


On the day itself  at the site I had an opportunity to meet with PUC, people from the Water Department, the South East Sewage Treatment Plant, and an assortment of Engineers and so called experts. All of them agreed that the situation was serious. Especially the flow of millions of gallons of  " secondary sewage" into Islais Creek. A stupid "emergency plan" if ever there was one.


I established the Infrastructure Group, the Maintenance Technical Support and have tons of personal experience dealing with such issues at the Presidio of San Francisco. There is NO doubt that some grievous mistakes were made. To date no one wants to take responsibility.


At this time we really do not have a spokesperson. One that can explain factually the pertinent elements that have adversely affected the neighbors around the Muwekma Ohlone Park. The Park itself. Represent the views of the hundreds of volunteers and various agencies and groups that made the Park what it was.


Fortunately, Sophie Maxwell knows about the Park and she has visited it. So has Espanola Jackson with whom I work very closely and  who gets a briefing from me daily.  We two represent and work with the Muwekma Tribe. The Director of the S.F. Port Authority and the Chief Engineer Nieret has been notified via e-mail on a daily basis since the incident.


The Indymedia article has given many of the key agencies a virtual look of the collapsed sewer pipe and the Park. Over 50 other digital photographs speak volumes and have been sent to the Board of Supervisor and others who have jurisdiction over the affected site.


Today, the Liaison who inter acts with the San Francisco community should be able to find out who is primarily and duly responsible for the disaster with the collapsed sewer pipe and related adverse impacts.


Francisco Da Costa