Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 13:52:17 -0800

From: Francisco Da Costa <>


To: Bill Lee <>,

 Yolanda Harris<>,

 Douglas Wong<>,

 Nieret Mizushima<>,

 David Erickson<>,,

 Mary Ratcliff<>, Leland Yee <>

Cc: Matt Gonzalez <>,

 Tom Ammiano<>, Greg Asay <>,

 Sophie Maxwell<>,

 Tony Hall<>, Chris Daly <>,

 Gavin Newsom<>,

 Aaron Peskin<>,

 Jake McGoldrick<>,

 Gerardo Sandoval<>

X-Priority: 3


We pride thatthis is the City and County of San Francisco - the City that knows how to dothis and that.


It is a shamethat the City has permitted so much damage to take place at 3rd Street andIllinois - linked to the collapsed of the so called "secondary" sewage pipe.


Right nowmillions of gallons of sewage is being pumped into the Islais Creek. It stinksto high heaven. Just go to the spot and take a sniff.


Some stupidcontractor was trying to drill huge tunnels under the Islais Creek. Given thecondition of the site - the landfill and the existing sewer pipe - one wouldnot touch this project with a hundred foot pole. But, alas where corruption exists - anything goes.Shame on those IF they knew what they were doing - periled the health of theconstituents of the City and County of San Francisco. The environment. Theanimals, fish, plants, and birds. The air and water and the land.


The PortAuthority understands clearly that all the land under their jurisdiction comesunder TRUST. Trust does not mean " DA MAYOR". It means the people -the people of California.


To date NO ONEis taking responsibility.


We do NOT needanother proposed bridge.

Our City cannotdeal with a sewer pipe - no one could be found to take responsibility.


Imagine if abridge was bombed out. You can imagine the confusion. The City would NOT beable to cope with the ensuing confusion.


This sewercollapse has exposed the PUC, MUNI, S.F. Port Authority, the City and County ofSan Francisco - you all get an -F.

Shame on all ofyou.


Within 24 hourswe need some one to take responsibility. Within 24 hours some one should assureDavid Erickson - who will make amends for all the adverse actions at theMuwekma Ohlone Park.


If not we willexpose you all in the virtual media. We really do not need the stupid media inSan Francisco to do the job - they seem to be bought.


Francisco DaCosta

Concerned andInformed Citizen

City and Countyof San Francisco