Sewer Digestor Towers on Islais Creek?

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?? Sewer Digestor Towers in Bayview Hunters Point?. Why Not Sewer Digestors out of BayView??

Remember "Da Mayor" Promised "No Sewage Plant in Bayview" in his successful campaign

in Hunters Point BayView! ( also- what happened to the shutdown of the HP Power Plant? )

Why are we the "Toilet Bowl of San Francisco?"

PUC Artist Rendering of Digestors on Islais Creek

Proposed Locations for the Sewage Digestor Towers in BayView

Diagram of the Digestor Towers Process From the PUC

Letters From the Community:

CBE-Communities for a Better Environment- SF Chronicle Nov 29

Letter to Loretta Barsamian ,(Executive Offiicer for the Regional Water Quality Control Board of the SF Bay Region)

Press Release from Paul McConnell on Enviromental Abuses in Hunters Point

Letter to SF Supervisors and SF Planning Commission from Nick Merz

Letters From the Regulatory Agencies