Date: Sun, Nov 25 2001 17:00:11 -0800

From: Francisco Da Costa <>

Subject: Sewer Damaged Pipe and Ohlone Park

To: Sophie Maxwell <>

Cc: David Erickson <>, Greg Asay <>

X-Priority: 3


Supervisor Maxwell I hope you got a chance to see the site where the damaged sewer pipe has devastated the Muwekma Ohlone Park. - at Islais Creek and Illinois.


No one is taking full responsibility. 80 million gallons of sewage per day in now being pumped into Islais Creek. The fine is $15 per gallon.


I am requesting your office to contact MUNI so that the neighbors in the Illinois Street area, with David Erickson, Espanola Jackson, and I can explain the sad state of affairs.


Espanola Jackson can be reached at

(415) 467-0535 and David Erickson at

(415) 821-9300. You may e-mail me or reach me at (415) 816-2307. We need to meet as soon as possible to address the mitigation of the Park.


The incident took place on Tuesday, November 20, 2001 and reported to the City and County of San Francisco.


I spoke with you and gave you as much information as I could - given the limited time you could spend with me on the

telephone. I hope to meet with you in person and give you a detail report.


In the interim I have sent your office a couple of e-mail - each e-mail gives you a lot of detail information. Most of them have attached digital photographs.


Thank You.


Francisco Da Costa