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Paul McConnell Blasts Nancy Pelosi

On Hunters Point Shipyard and Presidio



November 28, 2001, San Francisco


Paul McConnell-,Democratic Congressional candidate for San Francisco District 8, criticized Nancy Pelosi today for a lack of accountability with the Presidio Trust and the slow cleanup of the Hunters Point Shipyard.


“Hunters Point Shipyard and the Presidio are both former military bases that have each taken different paths since their decommissioning. Hunters Point Shipyard is a former naval base contaminated with radiation and a significant number of highly hazardous chemicals.

The shipyard sits in a neighborhood plagued by environmental injustice.”


On Hunters Point Shipyard, Mr. McConnell said, "Progress on the cleanup has been slow with a lot of animosity between the Navy and the neighborhood. Pelosi has not stepped forward as a leader for this cleanup.  She has not been talking to the neighborhood

or even been responding to ideas to support the cleanup.  For example, we have a local company that has a new technology that can support the cleanup quicker and for less money.  They have contacted Pelosi's office and not even received a response.  If this new technology works out, we have a cleaner shipyard, while at the same time supporting the local economy and creating much needed jobs."


The Presidio is ocean-front property on pristine land near Richmond and Pacific Heights and is a developers dream.  Pelosi sponsored the Presidio Trust Act that established an independent board to run the Presidio and required that the Presidio be financially

self-sufficient.  Neighborhood, civic, and environmental groups have roundly criticized the

Presidio Trust for turning the Presidio into a for-profit venture.


On the Presidio, Mr. McConnell, referring to an article in December's San Francisco magazine, said, "The Presidio Trust is an example of what happens when you mix poor public policy with no accountability.



Not only is the Presidio looking more like a business park than a National Park, but you have its leaders putting the park's future 'in financial peril'. Pelosi has set in motion the developers dream."


Paul McConnell is running in the March Democratic primary to represent San Francisco by actively promoting a combination of advanced public policy and accountability.  Through his experience as a business leader in manufacturing and as a consistent community leader, Paul McConnell can create positive change in transportation, education, energy and the economy --where urgent change is needed.


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