Cover letter:

To: SF Muni, SF PUC , Port of San Francisco, SF DPW, SFBOS,SFDOE,SFMTA

Re: Excavation of forced main at the Muwekma Ohlone Park on Islais Creek


Date: September 9, 2004


The comments detailed below have been provided at the request of San Francisco Muni and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for the purposes of informing the PUC and Muni the general consensus of requests for habitat restoration and environmental mitigation expressed by directly affected citizens, concerned citizens, local community groups, regulatory agencies and environmental grant organizations, prior to commencement of the new excavation of the Force Main in the Muwekma Ohlone Park on Islais Creek.


More comments could have been provided with more time and better resources.

The Park has been financially distressed since the original Force Main pipe collapse in November 2001 which resulted in the loss of $75,000 in grant funding, and to this date, cannot procure further grant funding until full repairs are complete.


David Erickson

Curator for the Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary on Islais Creek

1884 Illinois Street, SF, CA, 94124







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Patrick Goggin


As the City and County of San Francisco, via MUNI and the Public Utilities Commission, seek to amend Abbreviated Region wide Permit No. ARWP-1 re: Force Main work at Islais Creek, it is imperative that BCDC do so maintaining the requirement that: The repair work shall include the restoration of the site to pre-project conditions including replacement of suitable top-soil for the re-vegetation of the damaged portion of the site.  March 7, 2002 correspondence re: permit from BCDC to MUNI.

This permit requirement followed on the heels of February 26, 2002 correspondence from Bill Gamlen, MUNI project manager, to BCDC seeking the issuance of an expedited permit to begin necessary force main repair work at Islais Creek and the Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary.

In that letter, Mr. Gamlen stated:

[W]e have repeatedly assured BCDC and the

custodians of the Muwekma Ohlone Park that the damaged areas [of the Park] will be restored to pre-construction conditions.  As discussed with Mr. Erickson, who is the Facilitator for the Park, our contractor will backfill the damaged area with suitable planting soil and SLUG will complete the remaining restoration work at a cost to be compensated by our Contractor.

Thus, as part of the original permit, the site is to be restored to its"pre-construction conditions." This requirment must apply to any further work that results in additional damages to the already ravaged Sanctuary landscape and bioregion.


Patrick D. Goggin

Counsel for the Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary


Patrick D. Goggin

Founder, Holistic Legal Advocacy


870 Market Street, Ste. 1146

San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 981-9290

(415) 981-9291 (fax)









CFC comments are as follows for the mitigation of Muwekma Ohlone Park:


1) Rebuild the Muwekma Ohlone Park to its original sanctuary condition for

wild life and the Pacific Chorus Frog.

2)Help to bring it back to the condition that school children can visit for

nature experiences and classes.

3)Have them help to procure a professional Grant Writer to help in the

further development of the Muwekma Ohlone Park.

4)have them ensure that no further damage will be incurred by the park or

endangered species living therein.


Maurice Campbell

Convener Community First Coalition





Environmental Justice Advocacy:


Send comments to MUNI, SFPUC, SF Port Authority, the Mayor, the City Attorney, PG&E, California PUC, BSDC, and other Regulatory Agencies like Corps of Engineers, Coast Guard and so on.

The letter should go to Sophie, Aaron Peskin, Chris Daly, Bevan Duffty and the rest of the Supervisors too..At this time I feel sending this letter is important.


Francisco DaCosta

Environmental Justice Advocacy

4909 3rd Street SF, 94124





Community, concerned citizens and constituent comments and questions





       Muni/PUC stated (but not in writing) that they will build temporary or permanent ponds for the Pacific Chorus Frogs, but in light that they will bulldoze the entire remaining habitat west of the original pipe collapse dig site as well as 200 feet of the fence line along Illinois Street both of which is actually the last sliver of habitat for the frogs in the park therefore, Muni/PUC should provide a fully established, green and living habitat for the frogs at the east end of the original pipe collapse area,  prior to any excavation, complete with food sources, plants and ponds.



                  U.S Fish and Wildlife Services (our choice of permits officers)

                  Army Corps of Engineers( our choice of permit officers)

                  San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge (same)

                  404 permits (our choice of permit officers)

                  BCDC (our choice of permit officers)

                  Soil Analysis studies, current, not old.

                  EIR reports, current, not old.

                  NOAA and NFWF


                  Constituents of Park








   What is the purpose, and how will the comments be used?


   Will the comments have any effect on the future of the Muwekma Ohlone Park?


   If so, what will be the effects?


   Will the comments be put on public record?


   Who has requested the comments? 


   Are comments requested by PUC, or Muni, another agency, or perhaps a group of agencies?



US Fish and Wildlife Service:


The person who would likely know the project (assuming this is recent)

would be in the Bay-Delta Branch of the Sacramento Field Office.

916-414-6600.  Dan Buford's the Branch Chief.  His assistant, Tracy Davis,

may be able to track the project (if we worked on it previously) and find

out who to put you in touch with.  Be patient with them.  They've got

arguably the biggest workload in the State.  To give you an idea of how

busy, this is the third time in two days that I've referred someone to

that branch


Michael Fris

Endangered Species Program Manager

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

California/Nevada Operations Office

(916) 414-6464  FAX: (916) 414-6486



US Fish and Wildlife Service: Bay-Delta Branch of the Sacramento Field Office


Contact Ed Wiley with US Corp of Engineers, South Section Chief at 415-977 -8464


Dan Buford

Delta Branch of the Sacramento Field Office for USFWS

916 414 6000


US Army Corps of Engineers


PUC and Muni must comply with Section 10 of rivers and habitat regulations, and must also notify NOAA.


Ed Wiley

South Section Chief ,San Francisco, 415-977-8464

Francisco DaCosta:


Regarding the first pipe collapse, and new excavation PUC/Muni

1.Where are and where were soil analysis, eir, and bcdc permits, provide dcouments

2. Where was and where is the emergency backup plan? (during construction)

3. Did you and will you inform the army corps of engineers, the coast guard, CEQA, and other regulatory agencies?

4. How have you provided documentation on the issues of the health and safety of the constituents who will be affected by this project?


Francisco DaCosta

Environmental Justice Advocacy

4909 3rd Street SF, 94124



SF Bay View News


The catastrophe that destroyed most of the park was gross negligence,

and so is the failure to repair the damage and restore the park. Any

further damage is unacceptable. Before any more work involving the park

is begun, the City agencies involved must present to the park's

caretaker and the community an acceptable plan for doing the work

without disturbing the wildlife habitat and for full City-funded

restoration of the park.


Mary Ratcliff

SF Bay View

4917 Third Street, SF,CA, 94124







Muni/PUC shall notify US Fish and Wildlife Services and NFWF prior to work

Muni/PUC shall conduct a public scoping meeting prior to work