Issy (photo above)
Issy is losing his home and breeding
Relocation ponds have been built due to the construction of the Proposed Illinois Street Bridge across Islais Creek as well as the PUC force main and New PUC force main repairs coming this month.
At the Muwekma Ohlone Park he alone was captured during searches of the area. Issy is one of the last individuals of his kind at Islais Creek, (Pacifc Chorus Frog) AKA  Pacific Tree Frog   

Links to mp3 songs of the Pacific Chorus Frogs here on Islais Creek.

There are at present no longer any nearby permanent breeding sites. Which will mean that this rare population in the port area will die out.

This population can be saved with your help!

Join Frog Watch!

How you can help

o     Let us Know where you hear frogs

Calling / the exact location and

Level of calls    “Read below”

o     Tell us where you’ve heard loud calling in the past.

o     Help us establish new permanent or semi- permanent breeding sites on Private or public lands. Commercial

Properties with small, unused areas that abut open or undisturbed areas can be ideal.

Frog Call scale  The national frog watch has

Established a surveying devise based on the amount of calling that is heard.   There are 4 levels   #0 thru #3   #0  is no calling.

#1  is one or more individuals with separate calls. #2 is several to many individuals with overlapping calls (calling at the same time).  #3 is a loud sustained chorus where it is difficult to pick out individual calls,

With the information you supply We will be able to create a map, which will give us information on breeding areas and some idea of the size populations and strength. We will be able to protect these areas through sharing this information with protecting agency’s and National Frog watch. Where possible we will directly manage and protect tadpoles for reintroduction and expanding their range. 

  The area of  concern is bounded on the east by the bay On the south by the bayview, the hills west of 101 north to bernal heights to all of  potrero Hill to the north  and all the port area;

Contact us at (510 526 1233) or

zabudam@sent,com  ( 415 821 4290)


Lets keep them singing!