The MuwekmaOhlone Sanctuary was awarded a Five Star Restoration Challenge Grant of $10,000for habitat restoration and environmental education for the term of July 5,2001- July 5, 2002. The Sanctuary plans to utilize the Five Star Grant and$13,000combined partner contributions, totaling $23,000.

Five StarGrantee: Muwekma OhloneSanctuary 

ProjectName: Muwekma Ohlone SanctuaryHabitat Restoration and Environmental Education 

ProjectOfficer: David Erickson 

Partnersfor this Five Star Project:

Project Partner



San Francisco Department of Recreation and Parks


In Kind (materials, supplies, and labor)

San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners


In Kind (labor and consultation)

California Academy of Sciences


In Kind (consultation and archival data)

Youth in Action program of the San Francisco Conservation Corps


In Kind (labor)

Ridge Trail Group


In Kind (labor)



In Kind (materials and labor)

E.R.Taylor Elementary School


In Kind (labor)

TotalPartner Contributions: $13,000

Five StarBudget: $10,000

Total Project Budget: $ 23,000

Quarterly Reports 2& 3 

Inthe second and third quarter, the Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary spent $2750 of its Five Star expenses on contracted labor costsand $3375 on salary.


Duringthis time, relationships were developed with the California Academy ofSciences, exploring educational and research partnerships.  Multiple organizations contributedlabor, supplies, and equipment for restoration activities over severalvisits.  Additionally, theSanctuary hosted students from the Youth In Action program in their efforts toproduce a documentary film on environmental injustices in the area.


Unfortunately,major setbacks to the restoration efforts were also encountered during thistime.  A significant concern ofSanctuary stewards and community members has been the specter of the proposednew Illinois Street bridge for rail and truck traffic across Islais Creek.  In November 2001, the drilling resultedin collateral damage to the Park, when a sewer carrying secondary effluent wasruptured, causing sewage to bubble up through the ground, an estimated $529,000damage. Please visit www.islaiscreek.comfor media related to the damage and restoration efforts.  In the aftermath of this environmentaltragedy, the Sanctuary and its stewards provided a meeting place for concernedcommunity members to get information and mobilize in response to the proposedbridge and drilling damage.  TheDepartment of Public Works, the Public Utilities Commission, the Port of SanFrancisco, the drilling contractor, the San Francisco Municipal Railway, andmany other agencies have been involved in assessment and repairs.  The restoration efforts and educationalefforts of the Sanctuary are on hold until the issues related to the spill havebeen sorted out by the participating agencies.





Period Covered: Quarterly Reports 2& 3: September 1,2001-March 1, 2002

Income Received to date: 0

Five Star Expenses Incurred to date: $6125

Balance Due: $6125

GrantAmount: $10,000






Category as Approved In Budget

(e.g., salaries, supplies, etc.)


5-Star Grant Budget


Actual 5-Star Expenses


Additional Partner Contributions



$ 4500


$ 3375



Contracted Labor


$ 2750


$ 2750



Wetlands Construction; Plants







Site-grading/ Equipment & Supplies


$2,250/ $500

 (see note below)*





Design, engineering and clean-up












$ 6125


$ 13,000


* Supplieswill be bought with funds received from this billing, with reimbursementrequests in next billing cycle.